Open Space Technology World Gathering

October 31 – November 2 in Istanbul – Turkey

Open Space on Open Space (OSonOS) Conferences are gatherings of Open Space Technology practitioners, their clients, curious people, business people, scientists, community activists, and others, all with some interest or experience in Open Space from different places around the world. These events date back to the early 1990’s when they were initiated and hosted by OST originator Harrison Owen, outside Washington DC. In the mid-90’s the annual OSonOS began to move around… Toronto, Monterrey, Chicago. In 2000 it went intercontinental… Germany, Canada (western), Australia, Sweden, India, Canada (eastern), Moscow and Ukraine, Taiwan and, and and… it’s still going. They are all about Open Space and are held entirely in Open Space.

29th WOSonOS  was held in 2023 in Berlin and 30th WOSonOS 2024 will be held this year in Istanbul between Oct 31 and Nov 2. This is going to be the first World Open Space on Open Space Gathering in Turkey ever.

You’ll find here more about Open Space Technology.

In time the Memories end, the remainder is pure Open Space. All the hopes, dreams and plans are gone. All that is left is an empty void of possibility – Open Space. For the first time, in perhaps a very long time, there is nothing on the “To Do” list. For individuals, companies, countries – it is all Possibility.
Harrison Owen 17.02.2024


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Early Bird *EUR 250
Standard *EUR 330
Early bird discount is available until June 1, 2024 and the overall number of discount tickets is limited to 30 tickets.
*The price includes the participation in the three-day event, continuous coffee breaks and lunches.
Method of Payment:
In case you require another method of payment and/or you need an invoice, please contact us directly at funda@wosonos.istanbul

The space is open for the 30th World Open Space Gathering on Open Space (WOSonOS) which will take place between October 31st and November 2nd. The meeting will be held in Istanbul, our first time to meet in Turkey ever.

The venue is the winter garden of the “Teachers’ Residence“, located in the historical part of Beyoglu called Pera. The building was constructed in 1883 and used as an hotel with the name of “Grand Hotel”. It was later assigned to Ministry of Education. At the time of Ottoman Empire, this district was mainly inhabited by Greek, Jewish, Italian and French citizens.

Open Space Technology (OST) is a dynamic and innovative approach to group facilitation and problem-solving that empowers participants to self-organize and create meaningful discussions. Developed by organizational consultant Harrison Owen in the late 1980s, OST has since gained widespread recognition and application in diverse fields. Rooted in the desire for more effective, agile and participatory forms of collaboration, OST has been widely embraced in various sectors, including business, education, city planning and community development. 

“World Open Space on Open Space” (WOSonOS) is an event that brings together practitioners and enthusiasts of Open Space Technology from around the world to share experiences, learn from each other and explore new applications and developments in the field. This gathering offers a unique opportunity to fully experience an innovative method for self organization as well as to exchange insights, share best practices and collaborate on issues of global significance.

Moreover, Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere provide an inspiring backdrop for this meeting. We are confident that you will find your time in this beautiful city both rewarding and enjoyable.

Together, let us embark on a journey of communication and interaction, your presence will undoubtedly enhance the diversity of viewpoints represented furthering our collective understanding.

Should you require any further information or assistance regarding travel arrangements, accommodation, or any other aspect of your participation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm Regards
Organizing Team

Organization Team


Funda Oral Toussaint is a dedicated facilitator of open space technology and intercultural communication consultant with a proven track record of creating engaging and inclusive decision making environments. She has 15 years of experience facilitating workshops, training sessions  and group discussions for diverse audiences.  Her approach to facilitation is rooted in active listening, empathy, and adaptability. She is  skilled at assessing group dynamics and tailoring her facilitation style to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. She believes that effective facilitation is about empowering individuals to discover their own insights and solutions.  Her mother tongue is Turkish, She can fluently speak French, English, Deutsch (B2 level) and some Italian. 



After studying economics, Yesim Karayel coached sales teams in the finance sector for many years. She is an analytical thinker and very good at strategy setting, planning, organizing. She also has many experiences in voluntary duties in non-governmental organizations. In her working life as a coach, her belief in the power of participatory decision-making, horizontal organization and effective communication has been reinforced.  Open Space Technology, which she was introduced to lately, impressed her as a model outside of hierarchical structures.  She strongly believes that a fair and egalitarian world is possible.She is the mother of a child and three cats.



Bike Küçük is a hospitality and tourism industry professional for over 20 years. She has taken managerial roles in 5 star international chain hotels, in the Convention Bureau of Istanbul, which is a non-profit destination marketing organization under the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Finally she has joined Bright Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in Turkey, of which she was the name-mother 15 years ago. Now she is in charge of meeting and event planning, destination management services and finally health tourism. Bike studied in an Austrian High School in Istanbul and continued her university education in Istanbul, Austria and Spain. She speaks English, German and a little bit of Spanish as foreign languages.
She is an art lover, animal lover, a humanist, environmentalist woman and a mother of two children, a dog and a cat and believes in the magic of laughter.



For every issue about WOSonOS 2024, please contact the organizing team : mail@wosonos2024.istanbul