“WOSonOS in Istanbul has to be one of the most exciting participatory events this autumn. I look forward to seeing old hands and new practitioners of Open Space Technology for three days of cross-pollinating  conversations. Come and join us!”

– Ian Andersen, Belgium

“Every time we meet in a well held circle,
the world becomes a better place”

– Thomas Herrmann, Sweden

“Join us in this special year to celebrate the memory of Harrison Owen and explore how to open more spaces in this complex world”

– Gerardo de Luzenberger, Italy

“Please come! There’s so much we can learn from each other by bringing our diversity of questions and experiences with Open Space. With Harrison’s passing, it seems even more important to come together and harvest insights and discover synergies so that we continue to grow the gifts of self-organization”

– Peggy Holman, USA

“I am looking forward to WOSonOS 2024 in Istanbul, connecting East and West. After Harrison Owen’s sad passing, and in the context of our global poly-crises, it is especially important that we open more space, foster dialogue and let go….. let go of our need to control, stop working too hard and let go of our old world, surrendering instead to what emerges. I hope many of you will join me at this important occasion and explore the future of humanity and how we co-create more dialogue and peace across the world”

–François Knuchel, United Kingdom

“I experienced my first Open Space Conference on the German-Polish border; where East and West met. An incredibly impressive experience of how a very heterogeneous group built bridges and conquered the many exciting spaces between “black and white”. I think the WOSonOS in Istanbul will surpass this experience: definitely my highlight this year; are you in?”.

– Sanna Schondelmayer, Germany

Suzanne Daigle

“The World Open Space gatherings are indescribable. Always unique, always special, colored by the culture and country we are in. Istanbul with its amazing history will be fabulous
During our three days together, there is such deep learning and sharing. Also priceless is the gift of meeting new and old friends. This year with Harrison’s passing, our time together will feel even more poignant and meaningful. As if he was there with us, listening and urging us on: to open more and more space!”.

– Suzanne Daigle, USA

“Looking forward to the first WOSONOS in Istanbul.  So special  that’s also such an appropriate way for us to be together to celebrate Harrison Owen’s gift of OST .  Come and join us !”.

– Roma Iskander, United Kingdom