Organization Team


Funda Oral Toussaint is a dedicated facilitator of open space technology and intercultural communication consultant with a proven track record of creating engaging and inclusive decision making environments. She has 15 years of experience facilitating workshops, training sessions  and group discussions for diverse audiences.  Her approach to facilitation is rooted in active listening, empathy, and adaptability. She is  skilled at assessing group dynamics and tailoring her facilitation style to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. She believes that effective facilitation is about empowering individuals to discover their own insights and solutions.  Her mother tongue is Turkish, She can fluently speak French, English, Deutsch (B2 level) and some Italian.


After studying economics, Yesim Karayel coached sales teams in the finance sector for many years. She is an analytical thinker and very good at strategy setting, planning, organizing. She also has many experiences in voluntary duties in non-governmental organizations. In her working life as a coach, her belief in the power of participatory decision-making, horizontal organization and effective communication has been reinforced.  Open Space Technology, which she was introduced to lately, impressed her as a model outside of hierarchical structures.  She strongly believes that a fair and egalitarian world is possible.She is the mother of a child and three cats.


Bike Küçük is a hospitality and tourism industry professional for over 20 years. She has taken managerial roles in 5 star international chain hotels, in the Convention Bureau of Istanbul, which is a non-profit destination marketing organization under the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Finally she has joined Bright Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in Turkey, of which she was the name-mother 15 years ago. Now she is in charge of meeting and event planning, destination management services and finally health tourism. Bike studied in an Austrian High School in Istanbul and continued her university education in Istanbul, Austria and Spain. She speaks English, German and a little bit of Spanish as foreign languages.
She is an art lover, animal lover, a humanist, environmentalist woman and a mother of two children, a dog and a cat and believes in the magic of laughter.